Geraldine Simmons & Catherin McMillan - Wild Things

Dome Restaurant, Monday 12th November - Saturday 8th December
Opening night: Saturday 17th November

Be prepared to be amazed, uplifted and moved as you enter the world of wildlife, horses and other animals figuring the artwork of Geraldine Simmons and Catherin McMillan.

Geraldine’s award winning wildlife art in pastel and colored pencil has been exhibited in Australia, London and New York City and is held in private collections in Sydney, USA, Netherlands and South Africa.

Catherin’s work encompasses all things country from quirky cows to cow boy boots and everything in between.  Catherin works in a variety of mediums including pastels, acrylics and watercolor.  Her award winning work can be found in private collections world wide as well as throughout Australia. / /


Artist Biography

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Geraldine Simmons ACF

“My mission as an artist is to communicate that animals are not just mere commodities. Every species has an essential purpose and a reason for being within this intricate web of life.

 When I look into their eyes and study their expression it is as though they are looking back at me as myself. It is this sense of oneness I aspire my viewer to feel as real and touchable.”

Australian artist, Geraldine (Geri) Simmons’ mission is to communicate that animals are part of an intelligent system where we are all connected and that all animals deserve to be safe and thrive in their own habitat.

A signature member of the AFC (Artists For Conservation), Geri won the Conservation Artist Award for artistic excellence and extraordinary dedication to conservation for May 2010.
Geri’s wildlife art has been exhibited since 1988 in Australia, London and New York City and is held in private collections in Sydney, USA and South Africa. Her wildlife works and illustrations have won many awards in international juried art contests.

Grateful for the magnificent wildlife that is a part of our world that inspires her to draw from her soul, Geri she has donated many of her artworks, including limited editions, to wildlife conservation and animal protection campaigns.



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