Irene Feleo


15th September - 31st October

Irene's work predominately consists of hyper coloured palettes, wispy haired women and human hybrids.

The characters that surface throughout her work serve as a visual compendium of the thoughts, sensations and ideas floating in her mind.

She explores concepts of perception with a heavy influence to surrealism and symbolism, and is particularly fascinated by the idea of superstitions and how they effect personal beliefs and structures of thought.

Artist Biography

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Irene Feleo is a 25 year old artist and animator currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

As a graduate of the College of Fine Arts in Digital Media, Irene’s aesthetically aims to weave the delicate and raw nature of traditional art and apply it within various contexts.

Enjoying the challenge and nature of exploring different platforms for her art, exploring a wide range of mediums from digital painting, animation, tactile illustration and painting.