Jane McCumstie

8th February - 9th August 2014


“New Language” vision statement

A childhood and life spent in rural New south Wales has filled me with a love of the colours and textures that those surroundings bring. The drama of the landscape.... the changing of the seasons.... has inspired most of my work since early days. Living now in the Blue Mountains, my work has continued to be influenced by the landscape, however, travel throughout South East Asia has had a significant impact.

Watercolours first captured my imagination, loving the flow and subtlety of the medium. I always pushed this to the extreme which resulted in uncharacteristic bold and striking colours. Early themes included representations of flora though I always shied away from realism, opting for a more expressionist approach. This expressionism has continued through to my later series though my use of media has grown to include,: tissue, string, wire and moulding paste.... at times, anything that would inspire me. I have also included use of acrylics and gouache paints.

I love the suggestion of textures and patterns which take people to another place...never wanting to "tell the whole story". Nothing pleases me more than when someone tells me they see an image in one of my pieces...

New Language marks my continued exploration of colour and light. In this exhibition, I have moved even further from a representational perspective, to a more abstract view, and have developed themes based on colour, texture, and movement. From earthy and organic, to aquatic  blues, and finally energising intense colours.