Jesus Del Toro Garcia - "Dimensional Compressive Contrast"

Verge -  11th August - 3rd  October


Jesus is an uncommon Spanish artist, dynamic and cosmopolitan. He has photographed buildings, landscapes and people from over 25 countries and the knowledge he acquired in his two degrees (“Architecture” and “Design and Innovation”) shows right through his images and compositions. All of them are exercises of German-accurate composition, proportion, geometry and colour literacy. He always searches for the unshown and the unconventional (as National Geographic stated in his award-winning picture footnote:”…rules are there to be broken…”)


Artist Biography

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With this study I have investigated on the compressive aspect of 3D performances shown on 2D media – where foreground, subject and background become a single entity and depth of field is a shallow as the relief in a coin -. For that matter, extremely contrasted situations have been generated using a comprehensive colour pallette – following Josef Albers‘ Interaction of color -, background materials breaking the common influx of light – with fluid textures – and suggestive compositions and exposed human parts to help the brain arrive to a conclusion and rewire emotions