Corpus Spiritus by Tracey Levitt - Dome (Level 1)

Monday, 14th November 2011 - Saturday, 10th December 2011

Corpus Spiritus, by Tracey Levett is a collection of paintings exploring life in its physical and nonphysical expression. The presence of these unique paintings with their subtle colours will wash over you and leave you feeling peaceful.

M: 0417 283 927

Artist Biography

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Starting out as a singer-songwriter, I found the transition to painting very natural. It wasn’t long before I realised that painting had all the elements of music with feeling, rhythm, harmony, composition and key fundamental to both.

My approach to painting is very intuitive with my best work coming through when I am “connected”.  In the last six years I have had eight successful solo exhibitions as well as participating in many group shows. My paintings are in private collections in Australia, England, Ireland and more recently New York, with an art collector and dealer having secured thirty of my paintings for his private collection. I have successfully completed many commissions, a highlight being a major work (7m x 1.2m) for the Prince of Wales Private Hospital, Children’s Ward. I love the challenge of creating site specific work in harmony with the space and enjoy working with architects and designers creating beautiful paintings that harmonise with their vision

Painting allows me to explore my inner world. I am most interested in expressing the fact that we are more than our physical senses would have us believe and hope to create a connection to that reality through the transcendent power of art. It is my hope that my work will be uplifting and create feelings of wellbeing.