‘Personas’ by Barbara Dias

This solo exhibition show cases a collection of works which began in 2014 and through to 2015. Each work is represented through iconic imagery from past and present. The works presented are central figures in the mass consumption of everyday life. This plays a part within film, music and main stream activities which have created this phenomenon.

The following personas are extracts of this culture and produced to achieve a dark atmospheric mood. The green tonal qualities found in the paintings positions each character in context, through the detailed layering of paint. Striking vivid colours cut through the shadows of each face.

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About Barbara Dias:

I am a practicing artist based in Sydney Australia, specialising in painting and illustration. My current work is influenced by popular culture and contemporary society. I strive to engage people with my artwork through these concepts. Through realism and abstraction my work takes on new meaning through various iconic symbols and motifs. With a focus on modern personas from tv and film, characters and personalities are highlighted within my work.