Scarlett Steven - The Gallery - 2nd March 2015 to 10th April 2015



Melaleuca seeks to express the energy of the Australian landscape, and celebrate the unstoppable force of life within it. I photograph and sketch places which strike me with an irrepressible need to translate this feeling into a painting, and use these images as a starting point. My work deals with the dichotomy between the aridity of the land, and the incredible power of teeming life that manages to thrive in spite of this. I paint scenes free from urban interruption, as I feel this is where the energy of the land is at its most tangible.










Artist Biography

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Born in 1992, Scarlett Steven is an emerging Sydney-based artist working primarily in painting and sculpture. Growing up in the beach side suburb of Bronte, she has long nurtured a fascination with the land, out of which her paintings are borne. After studying Visual Arts in secondary school, her paintings were selected to be featured as a part of the ArtExpress exhibition in metropolitan and regional galleries acrossNew South Wales. Since then, she went on to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts (honours), with a major in sculpture. Scarlett was a part of Brightside, an artistic mentoring program which pairs emerging artists with disadvantagedSydneyyouths, and has also been involved in a number of group shows, including the Kudos Award Exhibition for which she was selected as a finalist. Scarlett is currently living and working inSydney, both individually and in collaboration with select other young emerging artists.


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