Summer Pudding

Dome Restaurant, Monday 10th December to Saturday 9th February

An exhibition by artists from the Stables Studio Print Makers - full of whimsy,
humour and some serious printmaking. The artists employ a variety of techniques
to put print on paper, from traditional Japanese woodblock printing to lino,
collagraph, polymer and digital prints.

The Stables Print Studio artists are a passionate group of printmakers who meet weekly in Roslyn Kean’s studio in Galston. Their shared goals include the adaptation of traditional Japanese woodblock to contemporary, western approaches and other non-toxic printmaking processes. This exhibition explores and celebrates diversity in creative printmaking.


Artist Biography

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About the Artists

Yoko Tsushima

Yoko Tsushima responds to the natural bush land of the Hawkesbury region where she has lived for the past 13 years. Yoko captures the mystery and haunting uniqueness of the native bush in her woodblock prints using traditional Japanese techniques.

John Crawford

John Crawford’s printwork primarily focuses on Japanese woodblock relief prints as well as mixed media with collagraphs. His imagery is derived from visual responses to local bushland, a lifelong passion for “the forest” and architecturally influenced views of the urban environment in both historic and social contexts.

Trish Yates

Trish Yates interprets the forms, textures and shapes in the natural world in her own personal and intuitive style. She uses a variety of printmaking techniques such as etching, woodblock and collographs, often combining them to create her semi abstract imagery.

Roslyn Kean

Roslyn Kean has made printmaking her practice for 40 years having graduated from the Slade School Fine Art, London. Recent works produced employ the technique of Traditional Japanese Woodblock resulting from research in Japan and a love of nature.

Linda Galbraith

Transient themes using delicate materials or fragile imagery is important in Linda Galbraith’s work. Her aim is to try and reveal the layers and complexity of memory to offer the viewer an opportunity to reflect on their own memories.

Ken Johnston

Ken Johnston returned to printmaking about ten years ago after a career as a sociologist.  His focus is on relief printing, using both wood and lino, but more recently collagraphs. He enjoys the surprising and pleasing effects that derive unintended from the printing process itself.

Megan Edwards

Megan Edwards’ work currently focuses on the layering of harmonising forms and related colour ways. Often enlightened by a shock of colour, the shapes are sourced from nature and their layering representative of both the simplicities and complexities of seasonal landscapes.

Deidre Vaill

Colour is light made visible. Deidre’s work reveals a kaleidoscope of transient colours of the landscape.

Monica Chivas

Monica’s work will nearly always have a connection with nature. She combines several printmaking techniques to create a layered image. Her recent flora work “the lotus pod”is inspired by the surrounds of the Stables Studio.

Di Shore

Di Shore draws inspiration for her printmaking and photography from the rhythms of life. The images displayed in this exhibition are from her latest series ‘Dancing to the Rhythm of the Light’.