Virginia Arregui - A Selection from the Studio

Gallery Bar, 15th July - 14th September

Artist Statement

I have been a ceramic artist for over 15 years, initially creating designer home wares. My recent work has concentrated on a varied range of ceramic tile paintings. These paintings have really been inspired by the amazing tile murals that I’ve admired throughout Europe. I feel that my work is a modern day version of this old world ceramic art.

I love travel and different cultures, I’m always dreaming of far off places, and creating these artworks takes me away to my favourite places around the world.

I am really captivated by an urban landscape, the charming old buildings, beautiful colours and pretty streets. They lead me to wonder about the history of a place, the people who have been there before and events that have taken place. I think that is one reason why I really love the charm of the old buildings and lovely streets and towns in countries like France, Italy or Spain. I also think Sydney, Australia has some beautiful old Terrace houses which have inspired a number of my recent works. I try to create bright, happy and beautiful paintings that reflect wonderful memories and happy times. I hope that other people see that too and it makes them feel good. I want them to experience a sense of colour and the joy that it brings by looking at it, I love it when people can’t take their eyes off a painting, they are attracted to the colours and the beauty and memories they often have of the scene.

I have been exhibiting my work in numerous group exhibitions in Australia, as well as a number of solo exhibitions. I recently exhibited in Florence, Italy and am scheduled for 2 more exhibitions there in March 2013 and May 2013.

I’ve been really thrilled with how well my work has been received and this has encouraged me to keep going forward to create larger and more detailed works.

Ph: 0403 480 204

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