Angela Robertson Buchanan - Rainbow Lorikeet Chick Progression

May 2014

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Angela has always been in awe of birds and as a wildlife rescuer specialising in birds, she spend lots of time caring and rehabilitating them.  This gives her a unique opportunity to gain the birds trust and create intimate portraits, revealing perspectives you wouldn't always have the opportunity to explore.

Angela raises a lot of baby birds that have fallen from the nest and it was while raising Rainbow Lorikeet chicks that she came upon the idea of documenting their fascinating feather and growth progression.

Rainbow Lorikeet Chick Progression follows the growth of “Bonnie” a Lorikeet who was rescued and raised from 10 days through to her successful release at 10 weeks old.


Artist Biography

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Angela Robertson-Buchanan is a Sydney based professional photographer who specialises in Australian Flora and fauna, working closely with zoos and wildlife organisations.

Angela has been working within photography for 15 years.  She studied a degree in Film, Video & Photography at Portsmouth University (UK).

When Angela up-rooted & moved to Sydney in 2002, she fell in love with the fauna & flora here. It was here she trained as a wildlife rescuer and carer (

Angela has won numerous awards, been published and has held various exhibitions.  She also teaches Macro photography during the Spring & Summer months.

You can view her websites here: