Zoe Durand - Graffiti Ristorante- 12th January 2015 - 9th June 2015

"A world Suggested"


“half moon drape

white lace it forever fields

surrender to the sky

she lay

back arched

an elliptical oasis of abandon

in the tall grass.”

In this exhibition of paintings and poems land as it is remembered, imagined or dreamed as an idealised world of romantic longing and mystery is explored.   These dreamscapes are frequently inhabited by allegorical figures, animals and lovers who have become willingly lost here.

This series had its genesis in a vivid dream, where new painting techniques were revealed to the artist. Inspired by this dream these paintings have been uniquely created almost exclusively without the brush and have instead been intimately caressed into being with only Zoë's hands and fingers creating interesting texture and exuberantly sensitive shapes.

Zoë's poems also have their roots in dream and are written from her bed side note book at night when she is woken from sleep and compelled to write them.

Slideshow of what's to come here:






Artist Biography

Zoë Durand is a Sydney based, award winning artist who has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, London, Scotland and the Louvre, Paris. 

She is represented in London by Whitepeaks Fine Art Gallery where a selection of her paintings are permanently available.

Her art has been covered in media including art and fashion magazines and art books in Malaysia, Australia, Spain, the USA, and the United Kingdom.

Zoë’s works forms part of private and corporate collections locally and internationally.  She has been awarded the Sandro Botticelli Art Prize in Florence, Italy.


To view more of Zoe’s work visit her website: www.artbyzoe.org